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#3 Women Who Inspire Us Series - Louise Troen <3

#3 Women Who Inspire Us Series - Louise Troen <3
We sat down with ex VP of marketing for Bumble, Louise Troen on her thoughts on International Womens Day!
1. What does International Women’s Day mean to you?
A day for us to stop and remember the focus that we need to put on gender equality. A reminder to women and men around the world that feminism is a Global, international issue which needs to be prioritised in our efforts every day moving forward. Every day is for women - and this day is a heavy focused reminder of this.
2. Describe a bit about what you do? You previously headed up the marketing team globally for Bumble, what lead you there?
I was the VP for the International markets (outside of the US). I was lucky enough to help launch Bumble in the UK, and subsequent other markets in Europe. My role focused on go to market strategy, creative campaign execution, and day to day marketing of the brand and business. I was also fortunate enough to speak to be able to attend and speak on behalf of the brand as we committed to encouraging women to go after what they want in love, friendship and business. 
3. What advice do you have for women aiming for leadership positions?
Have faith in yourself. Work really hard on building that faith. Do things that make you feel proud of yourself. Be around people that motivate you and teach you. Do not ask for permission to be in the room. Ask for forgiveness when they tell you to leave. And then refuse to. 
Imposter syndrome is a real issue for women aiming for leadership positions - it's infectious and grows when we feed it. We have to start banishing thoughts that we can't, and reset our thinking to one of growth. We will all fail at times. We will all fall short of our own expectations. The trick is to learn and keep growing and see failure and anxieties as fuel for development. We have to be kinder to ourselves, and to remember - the person before you didn't really know what they were doing either. It's also critical to use your instinct and intuition. They are gifts that direct us to the right answers. 
4. In terms of female entrepreneurship, What’s one key leadership lesson you’ve learned along the way that you can pass on to our followers?
Know your audience inside and out. Know their day to day routine, how they feel, what they love, where they shop, what apps they use. Know the other brands they use better than your own (partnerships are a fantastic way to share knowledge, resource and consumers) and actively network with them so you can scale your audience pool in an authentic way.  
5. Favorite Cinta The Label piece this season?
The Wysteria top - it's super feminine and elegant. I really believe dressing can't shift the way you feel and I love to take a feminine break from my typical style. 


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