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#1 Women Who Inspire Us Series - Tori Boughey <3

#1 Women Who Inspire Us Series - Tori Boughey <3

Tori Boughey is the founder of TBalance and a holistic health coach. She helps people find self-love, happiness and balance.

1. What does International Women’s Day mean to you? 
IWD reminds me how lucky I am to live in an age where we, as women, really are able to soar in a career and have the opportunity to be celebrated for what we do, rather than frowned upon. My career has always been important to me — but it has now largely become a part of my purpose and I am so grateful for that, as I am not sure where I would be as a person without it. This makes me pause, to take a moment for those before us who weren’t as fortunate and thankful to those who fought for our rights to equality. 
2. Describe a bit about what you do and what lead you there?
I’m a Holistic Health & Life Coach! I got into coaching at a time where I was very confused as to what it was that I was wanting out of life. I was the epitome of unbalanced; I was going out all weekend, fuelling myself with foods that were most definitely not wholesome or nutritious! I would wish away the weekdays, longing for the weekend and had no idea where I wanted my career to go. Even though I was employed by one of the most desired companies to work for (for a 23 year old girl!) ... Conde Nast. I left after 3 years and went travelling and while I was away, I asked myself the question, “What do you want for yourself and how can you merge this into a career?” And it was in that moment that I realised I wanted to study Holistic Health… And 5 years on I couldn’t love it more or imagine doing anything else.
3. How did you feel when Bella Hadid wore one of your crystal bracelets?
It was amazing! I was of course so excited, and couldn’t believe it had reached her! 
I know she loves crystals and what made me smile most is knowing that the Rose Quartz will be helping her with the ups and downs of model-life!
4. In terms of female entrepreneurship, What’s one key leadership lesson you’ve learned along the way that you can pass on to our followers?
If you believe in something, strive everyday to make it happen, give each day all that you can but never ever forget your self care. Remember, amidst the strength you obtain while being an entrepreneur, you’re precious. So check in with your mental & physical health daily and listen to your intuition. It never lies. 
5. Favorite Cinta The Label piece this season?
Ooooh, such a tricky one as it’s all gorgeous. I’m obsessed with the pinky tones of the Iris top, just so stunning!


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