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January #CintaFamilia Beauty of the Month: Bianca Valle!

January #CintaFamilia Beauty of the Month: Bianca Valle!

Our next #CintaFamilia beauty of the month, nutritionist Bianca Valle, chats with us about how nutrition and style can be connected, and how she loves to support anything local from her produce to her wardrobe. 

First, tell us a bit about what you do!

Bianca: I am a holistic nutritionist, painter, runner and fashion lover. 

What made you first get into nutrition?

Bianca: I was working in fashion and felt like I wanted to dedicate myself to helping people in a way that also helped me. 

How did you first hear of Cinta and meet Amy, our founder?

Bianca: Amy and I first met at a little cafe in Shoreditch and created a life bond when we found out we have the same meditation teacher! 

What products and trends are you loving at the moment?

Bianca: I really like all the pull over fleece jackets and straight leg pants! 

What are your favourite Cinta pieces?

Bianca: I love all the ruffles and silk, so basically all of it! So feminine and flirty and beautiful. 

How would you incorporate these favourites into your own personal style?

Bianca: I would wear them in a hot New York summer :) 


Where do you find your inspiration for your style?

Bianca: On the street! I love seeing what others are wearing :) 

How do you think nutrition might affect our personal style and fashion choices?

Bianca: Since my practice is based on holistic practices, I say that eating local is important. But also shopping small and local is important. It’s the same with produce and our clothes. When we support smaller businesses everyone benefits. 

What else would you love to see from Cinta in the upcoming seasons?

Bianca: Bigger silk bags!

What other advice would you want to give to our Cinta Familia?

Bianca: Trust that you are on the right path if you are leading with love and true intention :)
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